Monday, August 22, 2011

Top Female Characters on TV #9 (BEDA #21)

My top female character on TV number 9 is Penelope Widmore-Hume from LOST!

Knock, knock, knock Penny! Not that Penny I’m afraid, although she is cool too. Penny Hume is perhaps an oddity on this list: she is here because of her devotion to her man. Maybe this is because of my upbringing in a world where there is a lot more equality among the sexes then there was before (still a way to go but look how far we’ve come! Yay!) because it still annoys me when female characters are defined by their love for a man. Lost is all about love and relationships, and I have heard it said that all of the men in Lost are defined by what they will do or won’t do for the women in their lives. In the Desmond/Penny relationship it is Penny who has to do a lot for Desmond, even travelling all around the world to find him.
The best thing about this is that she did this for him because she loved him, not because she wasn’t a person without him or because he defined her life. Penelope loves Desmond and she knows the boy needs help (dear God that boy needs help, and maybe a leash) so she will be there for him. This is what a relationship is; doing anything for the person you love because you love them.
Penny wasn’t on my favourite female character in a TV series poll on FaceBook; neither added by me or anyone else. Perhaps this is because she wasn’t in it a lot? Also interesting is that nobody from Lost made the list, either. 
So what do you all think? Where do you think Penny should be on this list, or should she be here at all? Let me know what you think. 

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