Thursday, August 11, 2011

Re-introduction (BEDA #11)

Me, and a cat. I am not a blogging cat (sad face)

I seem to be getting a few new readers coming in from various places, so I figured today would be the perfect day to do a little re-introduction.

Whether you found me through a search for Harry Potter, Eureka, Burn Bright, or Supanova, then you will no doubt know that I am a nerd. Scratch that-a huge nerd. I love all things science fiction and geeky, and the more off-kilter the better. This is where you've come, I hope you enjoy.

A little bit about myself, I have just finished a Masters degree in writing, editing, and publishing, and between episodes of The Morning Show and Dr Phil I am looking for work. When I'm not doing that, I'm here writing or doing freelance writing or putting up articles at or Writing is kind of my thing, as you can see. Like I said before, I am a nerd and love that culture, so most of the things I write about are from that culture or not that culture. Having loved reading and science fiction and fantasy for my whole life, I know what it's like to be a part of the 'fringe' crowd and I love to endorse anything niche, too.

Apart from nerdy blogs, I also have a series called 'Everything I Learnt About Life I Learnt From TV'. This is where I impart the wisdom that comes with spending way too many hours in front of the television set. Some people watch TV as an escape from life but not me; I watch it to learn about life. I'm also starting a new series tomorrow about my favourite female characters on TV. With some help from my FaceBook friends I compiled a list of my favourite female charactes. Stay tuned for that, because it might get controversial.

So, that's me! Whether you found me through Blogcritics or a Google search I hope you stick around. Feel free to leave a comment about why you came and if there's anything you like/don't like. Other than that, have a nice day!


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