Monday, August 8, 2011

Playing catch-up (late BEDA #7)

I'm thinking, maybe I should called this BALA is in Blog A Lotta August (a lot is two words young people; you don't say acouple or adozen do you?) because it is only the eighth day and I've missed two days. I'm sorry. I wish I had a good excuse but I don't really; time just got away from me. I could do a poetic blog about how time is short and spending it doing the things that you love should make up the bulk of your day, but instead I'm just gonna let you know what I've been doing:

  • I've been spending way too many hours thinking about Kingdom Rush. And that's not just playing it, I've just been thinking about it. 
  • I saw 'that ape movie' that everyone's talking about, the one with Rodney McKay and Draco Malfoy. I really liked it, and I'll have a review up tomorrow most likely.
  • My tooth hurts. 
  • I got some work today, so instead of writing the review, playing Kingdom Rush, or complaining about my tooth I was writing and editing and stuff. 
  • I got excited when I saw that I had mail, but now I'm less excited because it was just spam.
  • The light above me just blew out. Like totally it just blew. Scary shenanigans afoot!
  • There is more washing to do! I'm serious: I did three loads over the weekend but there's still more to do. What's up with that? I have a finished load in the dryer (CBF going downstairs in the dark to get it) and another half load waiting to go in! Plus, there's the dirty clothes from today and yesterday. What the hell, life? 
  • Yay, the whale that got beached is back in the water. See, I know the news.
So yeah, that's most of what I've been doing. See, not a lot (or an alot). I'm planning of having two blogs for you tomorrow so come back for that if you're game. Until then, I'm going to attempt to cook fish without giving myself or anyone else food poisoning.

Let me know what you've been up to these past couple of days, if you have laundry to do (that stuff just doesn't go away!), or know how to cook fish without making people sick.


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