Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Esther Day! (BEDA #4)

Esther Earl was a person that I never got to meet. There have been many, many, many people in the history of the world who I never met, and there will be many people in the world whom I have yet to meet, but Esther is one that sticks out.

See, Esther Earl was awesome. Everyone who met her or had even the smallest to do with her says this. She was a nice, sweet, innocent girl who did not deserve to contract cancer let along die from it. Esther is Persian for 'star', and everyone says that that's what she was: a shining star.

Yesterday would have been her birthday, and she would have 17. But in her short life she was able to do more than most people have done with double or even triple that length. Apart from her general awesomeness and attention to friends and strangers, she helped to raise money for the Harry Potter Alliance, a charity whose goal is to decrease the amount of world suck.

In memory of Esther, millions of people around the world take this day to tell the people that they love that they love them. No matter how hard it is, or how far away they are. I do this, and I hope you all do this too.

My readers: I love you! My sister, my mother, my brother, my friends: I love you!

This Star Won't Go Out a charity founded in Esther's honour, raising money for families whose children are fighting cancer
DFTBA another site where you can purchase 'this star won't go out' bracelets


PS I'm sorry this post is short but my laptop is running out of battery. I hope it does no disservice to those who knew and love Esther

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