Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top Female Characters on TV #8 (BEDA #23)

Entrant number 8 to my top female characters on TV list is Samantha Carter from SG1 and SGA!

I have to admit, I don’t know about putting Carter here. Looking at the other women on my list I’m not sure that she even belongs at this point. Why? Don’t get me wrong, I love Sam and she is an awesome character, but does she belong next to these women? 
Sam is smart and fun, and she has moments of strength. She doesn’t really stand out as someone who has had to overcome hardship or difficulties in her life to really stand out. This isn’t a jab on the wonderful and kind Amanda Tapping who has done a lot for equality, but the writers of the Stargate franchise never really understood writing female characters, and because they are all men we understand. I also get that they aren’t writing a drama series it’s science fiction where most of the plots are towards science fiction and not character development; but it would have need nice to see Carter have to struggle through things.
When you watch the other characters on this list you see that they have had to grow and change and adapt but Carter started off awesome and ended that way. There was a brief mention of her not being a strong or secure leader, but that was fixed up by the time when she had to take control.
But 53 people, that is the majority, stated that she was their favourite female character in a TV series. If you were one of those people, can you please tell me why? And please keep coming back to see the other women on this list and see if your opinion changes. 

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  1. It's ironic that Samantha Carter was one of tv's most natural and realistic characters in tv's most unrealistic circumstance.

    1. I don't know, the episode where she had to blow up the sun seemed pretty spot on to me ;)