Monday, August 22, 2011

When DIY turns into DI-Don't

We tried to finish the bathroom at the house where we're staying, and all we needed to do is to get some shower doors, a head, and taps. Imagine a shower without walls, taps, or a head. Pretty bare, but everything else works, so all that is needed to have a functioning shower is, well, the pretty bits. A couple of weekends ago, we Zeppy and I decided to go out and get the all the fixin's so our house would have two full bathrooms. Here is what happened:

1-They don't make shower doors the size of my shower. Most showers are 900X900 or 1200X1200, but not this shower. Ours is 995X1400. This means that we will have to get the shower walls custom made. This will take a lot of time and money, so we decided to get a rod and shower curtain until them.

2-We wanted to get an awesome shower so we bought a large shower head and a swan-neck pipe (going from the wall out). It looks so pretty and elegant, but alas was not meant to be because no matter how many times you turn it or how you first put it on, it will end up upside-down, meaning that the shower head will point at the roof and no one wants that. We tried everything that we could think of but no, it ended up the wrong way.

3-So we tried to change it with the one in the other bathroom, only when we tried to unscrew it the one in the other shower the pipe actually cracked half way through. Literally, right in half. It was so rusted and one pull and it broke. Oh whoops, I mean Zeppy was so strong that he ripped the metal all the way through.

So let's do the math: two shower heads, two showers, and no pipes.

4-We took the swan neck pipe and put it in first bathroom where the broken pipe was. The swan-neck pipe must be faulty because instead of being straight it's at an angle pointing out of the shower. But it's not so bad and we need a shower dang it.

5-Went out to buy a regular pipe plus a spare.

6-Put the regular pipe on-yay it works

7-Shower pipe=yes, shower head=yes, taps=yes, running water=yes. that should all add up to yes, right? unless...

8-It's leaking down stairs :(

9-Too tired, too soaking, too late for brothers Birthday party to attach the shower curtain. The day was going so well.

So I'm Not Hannah, it's not just you.

Has anyone else tried to do home improvements or repairs that haven't worked AT ALL? Let me know in the comments and make me feel better.


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