Thursday, August 18, 2011

New video (BEDA #18)

Some of you might not know that I dabble in video editing as well as book and magazine editing. Since no one is really hiring me to edit any 'real' movies, I've taken to creating fan videos as a way of keeping my skills fresh (NOT to procrastinate, if that's what you've heard). I tell you this because I put a new video up today called Pope brings Sexy Back:


These videos are always a contentious debate among the staff at YouTube and other video hosting sites because they are created using a range of other peoples mediums; namely video and audio. As you can probably guess because I make these films, but I love them and respect those who can do it. See, these aren't just taking clips from movies or TV series and a popular song and smashing them together, fan videos are complete films within themselves. They involve a lot of time and energy to create a new story out of images and music that already exists.

Let's say you think that the two leads in your favourite crime series should be a couple, but it's not looking like that will happen on the show. You find a nice romantic song and an image of person A staring off into the distance. Then, you take a clip of person B smiling or laughing and change the colour to black and white, the universal symbol for memory or flashback. When you watch this over the juxtaposition of the images will make it look like person A is thinking about person B even if that wasn't what was happening in the original footage-person A could have been thinking about a tough case! With the right song and cutting you can create a lovely, romantic music video based around a relationship that isn't even 'real'.

Making a good fan video isn't as easy as this, but it gives you the idea. There are some really bad videos out there, but there are also some really amazing ones. Some of the best that I have seen include romantic videos between two characters from different shows!

Music publishers like to take the music away from these videos because this isn't the original intended use of the music, but I think that this is, well, silly. I have purchased many songs after only seeing a fan video that used the song.

Well, that's my two cents. Do you like these types of videos, and have you seen any that have just blown you away? Or do you think that I should stop making them? Let me know in the comments. If you want to see more of my videos just follow the link above, and you should be able to find them if you click on rosey0angel under the video name.


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