Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday party (BEDA #3)

Sorry this is so late, I had an interview last night and didn't get home until late.

A couple of days ago it was one of my best friends' birthday. Another roommate and I decided to get up early (6 am!) and give her a surprise she wouldn't forget...

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What have you done for a friends birthday, or what was the best thing that you have ever woken up to on your birthday? I was kidnapped on one of my birthdays! Not for real, thankfully; my friends sent through a cryptic message telling me to come outside, and when I did I was blinded by headlights. One of them blindfolded me and lead me to the car and drove me out to dinner! I was blindfolded all the way to the restaurant, but they took it off when it was time to eat.


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