Monday, August 29, 2011

Top Female Characters on TV #6 (BEDA #29)

Entry number six, and the last entry before we get into my top five, is Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) from Doctor Who...
Ah Donna. I have to admit, I have a soft spot for Rose as a top companion (I know all the bad about her, but I still love her), but Donna is my favourite. In her first episode she was vapid, selfish, and kind of annoying, but by the end we know so much about why she is the way she is. Raised by a picky mother who never seems happy no matter what Donna does, Donna sees that she is needed and that she can do good with one day with the Doctor. What’s even better is that she knows that the Doctor needs someone to look after him, but she doesn’t want to be that person. This is one of few times that someone has actually turned down the offer of travelling through space and time, but she does it with her head held high.
I was a bit worried about her reintroduction after hearing that she is trying to track the Doctor down, because it seemed so out of character for her, and yet they all pull it off so well. Rather than her sitting around waiting for him, she is investigating (and doing a good job) the weird and wacky hoping to run into him. When the Doctors offer is once again on the table, she accepts in a heartbeat, but makes sure her own rules are followed---they will be friends but no funny business.
I can’t help but to compare Donna with the other companions, as I’m sure everyone else does too and it is through this comparison that we see more of her strong points. She loves the Doctor but she is not in love with him. She slaps then hugs when the others rush to hug. She mocks the Doc when others will only see his good sides. But she is there for him and will be there no matter what.
Donna is high on my list because she is strong and confident but she has her weaknesses too. Her upbringing has lead to her having low self esteem despite her confidence. In fact, it seems that she is so outwardly confident to cover up her insecurities. The worst thing is that she has a wonderful and awesome year or so with the Doctor but her memory of this time had to be erased. I wish her most recent stint on the show had been... better, for Donna. I have this image in my head of Donna doing awesome stuff without realising it, but instead they went down a different path. Still the same, and finally in love with a person who deserves her love. I know that Wilf will look out for her, which is good. Hopefully there is an opportunity for Donna to return, or at least we will see her influence on the Universe.
Donna wasn’t one of the original additions to my Who is your favourite female character in a TV series? Poll on FaceBook, and no one else added her either. 

Let me know your thoughts on Donna in the comments. And please add who your top five female characters on TV are, and maybe guess who mine are.

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