Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bathroom Renovations part 2

SUCCESS!!! *fist pump* oh yes Internet that is correct, Zeppy made a bathroom!

Plumber dude came out yesterday and announced that the leaking was something to do with the washers and nothing major. A little tightening or something (IDK, I was in the kitchen reading) and it was done!

Today, Zeppy put the finishing touches on and wallah! Check these bad boys out:

We have everything except the shelf up (you can see where it would go in the pic above) because the drill ran out of battery lol. Next time though.



  1. OMFG I LOVE THE SHOWER HEAD! Where can I buy one?

    Also, FIST PUMP FTW!

  2. Fist pump FTW indeed :P

    The shower head we got from Bunnings, $50 I believe. The plumber has one just like it and said that they come with a restrictor built in but they are easy to remove. Maybe later though, because we are in a drought *looks outside to see the rain* Yep, Qld in a drought. Don't waste water kids.

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  4. Wow Bathroom renovations, that didn't sound like a spam at all, who do you get to write the comments and are you looking for employees?
    BTW, the article about the bathroom lights is too full of keywords.

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    1. Thank! How do you get your photos to look that good?

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