Friday, May 25, 2012

My Love for High School Musical

I still get odd looks from people when they find out about my love for the tween sensation High School Musical. In fact, just the other day two people who I thought were cool with others being different saw the trio of movies next to the TV and looked like they were trying to contain their laughter. Go ahead, laugh. I don’t know why you’re doing it though.
Despite my love for science fiction, biographies, and TV shows with long and arcing plot lines, I have a soft spot for children’s movies. I don’t know if it reminds me of a simpler time in my life or if there is any deep psychological reason, but I love most movies aimed at children. I recently just did a marathon of the Champion/Mighty Ducks movies*, and loved every minute of it. I have the Aladdin and Little Mermaid soundtracks on my phone and am waiting until I have a little bit extra spending money before I buy The Lion King on BluRay.
I also love musicals. The Rent soundtrack is on my phone although I don’t need the music to play to get me to sing along as I know most of the words to all of the songs (Yes, even La Vie Bohème).
So, knowing these two things it can’t come as a shock that I love the all three of the High School Musical movies (although if pressed I’ll say that the second doesn’t rank nearly as high as the first and third).
Not that I need to justify why I like the things that I do, I thought I would explain the reasons here to give you a better understanding of what I love about these movies. It might even encourage you to at least try one out:

1-      The main female character is a good role model.

Gabriella is smart ya’ll. She joins the matheletes and doesn’t care if it’s ‘not cool’. In the second movie when her boyfriend Troy is being a bit of a dick to her and his friends while they’re working a summer job Gabby doesn’t take it; she leaves. In song form she says that she wants to be herself and doesn’t wanna spend her precious time with a guy who won’t treat her right. If I recall correctly, Bella became comatose when Edward left her...
Sure, the other female characters in the movie aren’t as cool as this, but they are fun to watch, and one even has goals of being the President.

2-      The songs are catchy.

The songs get stuck in your head and make you wanna dance around a bit. They’re fun and epic and angsty and funny and silly. It is a musical, after all.

3-      There’s character growth.

We all know one of the main problems with sequels is the returning of the bad guy. If the group can defeat them in the first film then it won’t be too much of a problem in the subsequent ones, or at least it shouldn’t. The ‘bad guys’ of these films are the brother-sister act of Sharpay and Ryan Evans. They don’t like the idea of anyone coming into the drama club and stealing their lime light. But as the movies progress they realise that having other people share the spotlight can be fun. Other characters also have to come to terms with their true feelings about themselves as well as others. In the first film they go from singing “Stick to the Status Quo” (a song about, well, sticking to the status quo) to “We’re All in This Together” (‘everyone is special in their own way/we make each other strong’) .  

4-      There’s a bromance.

It’s not as epic a bromace as is seen in other movies, but the friendship and love between the two main male characters is cool. It’s nice to see a popular film that shows sporty guys can also care about one another.

5-      There’s definite slashy undertones.

It’s not wrong because the characters are all sweet and innocent, but there’s definitely something going on between Chad and Ryan. At one point they swap clothing!

6-      It’s fun!

Does anyone else have anything that they love that they are often mocked for? Share your story here in the comments.


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*In Australia the first movie is called Champions, the second The Mighty Ducks, and the third is called D3: The Mighty Ducks. According to IMDB the first movie has an alternate/original title of The Mighty Ducks and the second is named similarly to the third, D2: The Mighty Ducks. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Joke?

by Global Photographics, under CC A-SA 2.0

The other day a friend of mine told me this joke:
“what do you call five gay guys walking in a straight line? One Direction”
I sort of giggled along with everyone else who was laughing, but I have no idea why this is funny. I have since seen this written on a number of parts of the internet and a lot of people always reply with ‘lol’. Again, I don’t know why.
Why is this funny?
I’m not a big One Direction fan, so I had to do a little research and it seems that none of the members of the group are gay. Of course, they could be but not ready to come out publicly yet, but until they do we can all run with the assumption that they are heterosexual.
Is that they the joke is funny, because they aren’t gay? Is it like the times when I’m reading a book and someone asks what I’m doing, so I reply “playing the banjo”? Personally, I think it’s more sarcastic and a bit rude but it’s also kind of funny.
Or is it a joke because they could be gay? Like, ‘ha ha you are a homosexual’? The person who told me the joke would never mock another because of their sexuality so I don’t think that’s the reason, but it could be why others find it amusing.
I also think it could be funny because they might be gay. But then again, is this the best way of showing support to young men? “You could be gay and that’s funny”? While people tend to call men in boy bands gay*, the only ‘out’ member of a boy band that I know of was Stephen Gately from Boyzone. I don’t think mockery is the best way to assist someone in coming out; “I think you’re gay and that’s okay so I’m going to laugh at you about it until you come out”... Hmm no I don’t think that will work.
I think this ‘joke’ tends to be leaning on the side of mocking these men because of their assumed homosexuality and that’s not cool. Gay or straight, what does it matter?
Can someone explain to me why this joke is funny? If you can, please leave a comment here or @ reply me on Twitter.



*I think people call members of boy bands gay because they are men who spend a lot of time together but no one calls football/soccer/rugby/gridiron players gay and they spend just as much time around each other.

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