Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aussie Thunder aka I am not a pervert (BEDA #6)

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Like I mentioned in yesterdays post, I had plans last night. While I'm sure most of you thought that I was joking, but I wasn't. For my friends birthday we went to a male review show from a group called 'Aussie Thunder'. Before you all think that my friends and I are perverts or sex fiends, I'll let you know that a male review is a lot different to a female strip club—not that I've been to a strip club, but I do watch a lot of TV (duh). Anyhoo, a male review emphasises music, dance, and costumes more than the actual male body. The show is more about the tease than the actual reveal. The man will dance and tease for a set of about three or four songs and then end up in his boxers or a g-string.

Aussie Thunder is a good show, but there were a couple of things that had be wincing with the pain of badness. First of all, there was a PowerPoint showing of horses and general western themes  when they played country songs. Yes, a PowerPoint presentation. And part way through one it broke down and the poor guy manning the computer had to scroll through the inputs to find the right one again. My friends and I also agreed that they had been practicing on a bigger stage because a lot of the group dances seemed a little off, especially the walks to the end of the stage. While these were cringe-worthy, they also added to the humour of the night.

One thing that didn't add to the fun was the overly drunk women who seemed to think that their entry fee of $10 entitled them to special treatment. Some women got very angry when they weren't picked to dance with the men, and one didn't like it when she realised that she had volunteered to take the costumes back stage—I think she thought she was getting a private dance or something. There was another woman in particular who kept groping at the men as they walked past her, and she even clawed at him while he was giving a lap dance to someone else.

Having a drink and a laugh with friends is part of the fun of a male review, but honestly these women were too drunk for their own good and they ended up making themselves look bad.

But those things aside, it was an awesome night. The choreography was fun, the men were very nicely built, and the music was pumping. Two of my friends got to feel the men and one was even pulled on stage to dance with one (the 'Chief'). Like I said earlier; the point of a male review is different to the point of a strip show. This night was about fun and having a look and a giggle, and that was had by all.

To the guys of Aussie Thunder and to Club Helensvale, thanks for a great night.

Has anyone been to a male review show and want to weigh on their night? Let me know in the comments.



  1. Never been to a male review – I did see a male stripper at a hen's night once, a very, very long time ago. Your description of the power point and the staging made me laugh Kathy sounds like you had a very fun night. I have been inside a strip club for males; you're right on the money saying they are two completely different things. However, I really didn't feel the women I saw 'dancing' (a long time ago too now) did anything that was offensive or distasteful. It must depend on the club and a whole heap of other variables. Mmm... sounds like it was about time I got to one of these 'male reviews'. Thanks for the blog post... :) Kel.

  2. Thanks for your comment Kel and you should go, I think you'd like it ;)