Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Coffee machine (BEDA #30)

Me: Have you heard about the new member of the family?
Room mate: Oh Zeppy's sister had the baby!!!
Me: Oh no, I meant the coffee machine

I got it folks, yeah *fist pump* Confirmation letter said to call if we didn't hear by the 30th so yesterday at 9:01 am (coz no one likes to be annoyed when they first get into work at 9) I called Gloria Jeans head office and they said that the Cooly store has the machine and that I should call them. When I did, I found out that the store was recently purchased and this new owner wasn't told anything about the competition; they didn't even know why the machine was there!

M and I headed down and after a couple of false starts we left with the machine, the grinder, the voucher booklet, and a new coffee. The plan was to make a coffee right away but we hit a couple of snags, the worst of which being that we couldn't get the machine to work! The manual says (as does common sense) that if you've never used the machine before you should put it thru a rinse, but every time we tried the machine would make a sound like it thought that it was doing something, but nothing would happen. The information booklet is pretty straight forward but it doesn't have any troubleshooting tips at the back, and the website is kind of useless. It wasn't until I was bored with work that I thought of an idea---and it worked!

See the black handle sticking out of the machine:

It's not level with the machine but actually at an angle. It says to pull securely and I guess that means to pull until it feels like you'll break it and then it will work. Here are some more photos

Let me know if you have any cool coffee recipies, or any other competitions that I can win haha.



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  2. You need not worry as manufacturers have made it a point to offer coffee machines of every price range from the super-affordable to the ultra-pricey.

  3. The coffee in the mug looks great! Which brand is this?I am using an espresso equipment as my coffee machine.Hot coffee in an icy cold morning...That would make my day!!Thanks for uploading those pictures..Great blog!