Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top Female Characters on TV #10 (BEDA #16)

Top female character on TV #10: Dr Miranda Bailey (Greys Anatomy)

Bailey and Christina are the two reasons why I watch Grey’s Anatomy. Will Christina be on this list? You will have to keep reading to find out. Bailey is just the storm of awesome throughout the series, even to this day. There have been many characters waxing and waning for me, but Bailey has always been number one.
Bailey is such a great character for me because of the way she acts when she is by herself and the way she treats other people. She has a very high standard for herself and she expects others to act the same way; like their jobs matter. People who have never seen medical dramas criticise Grey’s because of the sexual tension and relationships between the characters, and it is again obvious that they have never seen this show in particular because they never site Bailey as the character who tries to wrangle the hormones of everyone else. Bailey never claims to be their mother or their friend but as they all grow and their lives change it is apparent that she is both of those plus a mentor and a benchmark: if you can be like Bailey then you are doing okay.
This is not to say that Bailey hasn’t had a lot of drama (it’s a medical drama remember?). She gives birth to her son in the second season and this is where most of the trouble in her life stems, having to find a balance between not only wife and surgeon but wife, surgeon, and mother. It’s a testament to the writers that when one has to fail it’s the wife part and Bailey always tries to be the best mother that she can be.
Bailey is a great character who is always trying. She has ups and downs and there are times when she might be wrong, but she is always trying.
I forgot to add Bailey on my poll of my favourite female character in a TV series and no one else added her, either.

What does everyone else think? Does Bailey make your list, or should she not be here at all? Let me know in the comments.


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