Friday, August 5, 2011

Don't listen to the Internet (BEDA #5)

This is a lesson I thought that I learnt a long time ago, but it seems that it wasn't the case. In fact, it seems that many people were guilty of that crime; reading something something online and believing it without further investigation.

As I think is quite obvious by now, that I am a science fiction fan. I love anything that's quirky or odd or science fiction-y related, and I love the SyFy original series 'Eureka'. I woke up to a nice and mildly cold day today thinking that it was gonna be awesome because I have plans tonight*, but I was soon greeted with a horrible message from one of my best friends "Eureka has been cancelled" :'(. I followed the link he was given and it led to a website called "ING TV" (one that I had never heard of) and the article said that Eureka had been given only six episodes to finish the series then it would be over. I went to the SyFy website, but there was nothing there (should have been my first clue that something was wrong). There was much anger towards the network, especially since Eureka has been getting steady ratings and fans have already been messed around with the episodes**.

When the main star of the series Colin Ferguson tweeted "This is gonna be a great ending to a show that changed my life. I'm grateful, humbled and appreciative and will never forget it. Luv u guys" I began to tear up.

And then, things got weird. Turns out, Colin*** got his information from the same place as everyone else; the Internet. Colin: "Apparently the news story I read isn't necessarily true.... We live in a weird digital age... Checking with Syfy as we speak".

Apparently, the rumor started from awesome news that Eureka has been given six episodes for a new season! Instead of taking this as a positive, a site got the impression that Eureka had been only six episodes and then it would be over:

The original site was quick to change their story:

So all in all, this is a great news for science fiction fans; we have Eureka for the foreseeable future! yay!!

Just don't listen to the Internet until you double check ;)

Have you read or overheard anything that you instantly believed and then it turned out not to be true? Let me know in the comments.

Theme: Eureka, Colin Ferguson, rumours, Internet

* I have plans! Tonight! Me!!
** Having the season and then waiting a year to show the second half
*** We're on a first name basis now. Oh yeah

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