Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Top Female Characters On TV #3

It's a sad day when you realise you have made a huge mistake on your blog but nobody corrected you. I guess no one reads these blogs, but it's okay because while it would be nice to have someone read what I write I know I've only been doing this for less than a year, and it's gonna take some time to build up a fan base. The last post I wrote listed Laura Roslin as entrant number 5, but that was Christina Yang. Roslin is number 4. 

This weeks entry goes to my third favourite female character on TV: Claudia Donovan
I don't own this photo, but how adorable is it?

Claudia is such a tremendous female character on TV, and it speaks to the intelligence of writers on TV because there are now a lot of flawed characters on TV. Looking back even a few years on TV most of the main female leads are just cookie-cutter perfect. Claudia is fantastic at her job, but she is in no way perfect.
Young Claudia begins her stint in the hit SyFy series Warehouse 13 as a slightly tweeked hacker who kidnaps Warehouse agent Artie to force him to bring her brother back into existence. I love Claudia for this because her brother raised her, he is her only ‘real’ family. When she thought she was going crazy and seeing his ghost floating around, she checked herself into a mental hospital to get some help, but when she found out that Joshua wasn’t really dead she did everything in her power to bring him back.
Even though she has all these amazing abilities, one of the reasons I love Claudia is because she isn’t perfect. Claudia is very confident of her own abilities, and with good reason, but because of her intelligence and way of life she has very poor self confidence around people her own age, especially with males. The limited times we have seen her with young men she is always awkward, scared, and very un-Claudia.
Claudia is also trying to change this and to be a better Warehouse agent. She isn’t going to be a full agent right away---she is only 20---but she is trying to do her best and learning. Every episode, Claudia is moving and growing. Allison Scagliotti is a fabulous young actress who has a big future ahead of her; I only hope that she spends a lot of time on Warehouse 13.
Claudia only got three votes on my FaceBook poll. 
So what does everyone else think about Claudia? Does she deserve this spot on the list, or could she be higher? Let me know in the comments... if anyone is reading this :P


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