Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Similarities between myself and a baby

My partner’s sister recently had a baby, and this is the more awesome baby in the world. She even beats out me in my ‘world’s best baby’ competition, which is saying something. The more time I spend with this bundle of adorableness, the more I realise how similar we are. We are not related by blood but there is a definite connection between us.

They had some minor problems with the baby at first because she wasn’t getting a enough to eat, and when this happened the poor thing would go into complete meltdowns where she would clench her tiny fists and rock back and forth—basically, she would freak out. It would have been adorable if it wasn’t so loud. For those who know me, I do pretty much the same thing when I don’t get enough food. Oh, the temper tantrums that I have done when I thought I was getting a nice large dinner and ended up only have entrees. Not a happy camper.

But don’t worry because the new parents figured out the issue and now the baby is eating properly and again, more similarities between us. When they are feeding the baby they have to pull the bottle out half way through because she will eat/drink so fast that she makes herself sick. Hands up if you have ever been so hungry that you have eaten so much so quickly that you got sick. Okay, I’m going to stop that now because it’s hard to type with both hands in the air. I like that there is a way to stop her making herself sick and I wish this was a lesson that carried over into adulthood.

We are both similar in that we both have low attention spans. Again, related to feeding, the parents have found that if they keep swapping the baby from person to person and keep changing her position she will forget that she was hungry for a minute or two. First they hold her on her back in her arms, and then when she starts crying they hold her over their shoulder and she stops crying! I have been known to go hours without food because something new and shiny has come across my vision and I forget that I was going to eat! And I’m sure you all have done that, too.

And another similarity between us; we are both excellent multi-taskers. While I’m typing this I’m also watching the TV and planning the rest of my day; the baby can vomit and wet herself at the same time! Rather than doing one and then the other she has managed to streamline her day- and her parent’s day- and decided to do them both at once. What a champ!

Have any of you met someone before and realised how similar you are, or do any of you share a lot of traits with a baby? Put it in the comments.


PS I’m sorry I was away for so long. 

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