Monday, November 14, 2011

Top Female Characters On TV #5

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Today I'm going back to the top female characters list with the number four entry; Laura Roslin (played by the lovely Mary McDonnell) in the reimagining of Battlestar: Galactica.

After falling into the role of President, Roslin has a lot of hard decisions to make and she has to make them throughout her entire term (and even after). One thing that really stands out to me about Roslin is her unwavering hatred of the Cylons. This might sound like an odd thing, but before I started the series I thought she would be the one to try and help them the rest of humanity see the good in the Cylons, but instead Roslin’s flaw is her distrust for the Cylons and everything that they stand for. Roslin is such a strong character thrown into such horrible situations and she has to suck it up and deal. There are a lot of things that she did that people didn’t like but she felt comfortable in doing them because she was so sure that she was right, that she was helping people.

She is also a very faithful woman, and I really like that about her. I am a faithful woman and I love it when people of faith and belief are treated well and with respect on television. And by that I mean the character as a character was treated with respect even when the character onscreen was being mocked.

Mary McDonald is such a terrific actress, and some of her best moments are when she is playing Roslin. We see her strength and courage when she is being strong, but we also see her sadness and moments of weakness too. Roslin did a lot of things that I didn’t like too much, but she did them with such conviction that I have to respect her for making them.

I forgot to add Laura onto my FaceBook poll, and nobody added her. 

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