Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Supanova Pop Culture Expo day three

Day three was better organised than day two. I'm not sure if the organisers realised how many people were still coming after Christopher Lloyd pulled out; but come they did. Day three had lines set up in better places, and more control over the Tom Felton autograph line.
First stop of the day was to get an extra photo token, because after seeing her talk the previous day, I needed a photo with Katee Sackhoff. Then it was over to waiting in line for autographs because Katee wasn't doing her photo's until later. Tom's auto was first, and I was blown away with how amazing and generous this guy is. He is a true professional, and people who say otherwise are lying. He greeted everyone (well, every woman) with "hello darling", and he thanked them or waiting so long to meet him. He joked about the things people had asked him to sign, and clarified that when he said "I'll sign anything", he meant any phrase.
Then it was time to once again say "helo" (haha I am so funny) to Tahmoh. Again, he was so warm and generous, and I was able to stay for a minute or two and chat with him. I was the first in his line, so we talked for a little while things were getting set up, but then I left so as to not use up all of his time and to avoid acting like a weirdo.

Next, my group and I grabbed some lunch, then it was time for my photo with Katee. I wanted to be all cool and suave in it, but she threw me off when she thanked me for coming out! Usually, patrons thank the guests, and then they say "no, thank you for coming out", but straight away I got a genuine, heartfelt "thank you so much", like Katee was more excited to see me. I hope I stammered a decent reply before wondering off to the Tom Felton panel. I didn't think I'd get in, with a line that looked like this from my vantage point.

And it apparently stretched for a kilometre! I didn't get a shot of the line behind me unfortunately, but it went all the way behind the Commerce building and towards Gregory Terrace! Luckily Zeppy was minding a place in the line, so I didn't have to go to the back. With this many people, it's no wonder that the talk didn't start on time; but the volunteers did such a great job of getting almost 900 people into the room, so well done to them! Unfortunate we had to leave before it ended to get to the Tahmoh talk, but what we saw was great. 
Tom joked about different wizarding innuendo's that he had been told, and apparently someone that very weekend had said "if you show me your wand I'll show you my snitch". Lovely. He also said that we missed the entire cast and crew greatly, and that he had to start talking about something else before he started to cry. 

The Tahmoh talk was great, and once again he was very playful and energetic. People asked how he felt about his Dollhouse characters progression and he said that the producer was scared when he told him, but Tahmoh liked it and the twist at the end. I asked him a similar question as to the day before; did he take any souvenirs from the DH set, but they were onto it and he only got one tailor made suit. He loves him Mortal Combat work and is very proud of it. 

I got my photo with Katee and I signed, and I managed to not be a total fool this time, and I actually made her laugh. 

My shirt says "nerds need love too", and both she and Tahmoh really liked it. 

We did some shopping and browsed the convention floor a little more. It was still very crowded, but not as much as it had been previously. Then before we knew it, 4:15 rolled around and it was time for the Katee talk. She entered from the back instead of the front, and because Zeppy was on an aisle seat he high-fived her as she walked past-way to go Zeppy!

She started off by saying "you're all so lucky to be here", and we all laughed. She went on to explain that she's usually normal during 9-5, but after that she goes crazy, and because it's midnight in America we have her at crazy time. She laughed at herself when she realised how her opening comment sounded, and that got the ball rolling. The first question was about the religion in the show, and she answered it with grace and humour, careful to make sure everyone knew her opinions and beliefs were just hers, and that she didn't want to push them on others. Her favourite colour is green.
She talked about her opinion of what went wrong with Bionic Woman, and she mentioned how awkward and funny it was to shoot her BSG sex scenes. Tahmoh crashed the panel part way through because there was no one in his line. Katee mocked him for it, but he said everyone was either with her or waiting for Tom.
Someone asked who would win in a fight between Starbuck and Helo-Starbuck because she would shoot him-and between Katee and Tahmoh. She said Tahmoh would because contrary to popular belief she is really a girly girl who hates to break a nail.
I asked if she would be interested in doing BSG: The Musical, and she laughed because that was a common joke on the set, especially imaging all of the cylons

That was the end for Day Three and for Supanova Brisbane April 2011. Hopefully I'll be going to two more conventions this year, but that will depend on time and money.
I hope you all enjoyed this, and feel free to post links to your own convention run downs in the comments. Special thanks to Dan, Quinny, and the rest of the Supanova team for another truly wonderful weekend.


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