Sunday, April 3, 2011

Supanova Pop Culture Expo day one and two

Supanova is a really big part of my life. I've been going every year for the past five years, and every year it has been awesome. The guests, the fans, the costume, the environment... it's so exciting and wonderful.

Supanova is a pop culture expo, so that means that it's not just sci-fi, but anime, fantasy, wrestling, and novels as well.If you haven't been to an expo before, it really is an experience you've been missing. It's been dubbed nerdvana, and it really is. Geek heaven is also another term that's touted around, but basically an expo is a place where people who love anime, manga, science fiction and fantasy, and who play games can get together and talk about their love without being mocked.
This year Supa was three days, 1-7 Friday, 10-6 Saturday and Sunday. I went in the afternoon on Friday to check it out and have a look inside. And I bought things. They also revealed their big announcement: that Supanova will be doing 6 shows per year, and one on the Gold Coast!!! This will be in conjunction with the Gold Coast Film Festival, so the GC SN will last for a week. GC SN will be in April, and Brisbane will be moved to November. To get people ready for this change, there will be another SN in Brisbane at the end of this year. Christopher Lloyd, who had to pull out at the last minute, is coming back then to make it up to the fans. He'll also be doing a special "I'm sorry" tour in Melbourne for those guests, too!

On Saturday I saw Tahmoh Penickett and Katee Sackhoff in a BSG panel. They were amazing together, just incredibly friendly and awesome. They were really good friends on the set, and this friendship has continued well beyond the finale. They talked about silly things that they did on set to ease the tension, and about how the actors whose characters were revealed to be cylons felt. They also revealed that they took their flight suits without knowing they were allowed too. Katee stuffed hers into a cooler bag. She asked for her helmet, but they sent her "Kat's" instead. Not cool. Tahmoh tried to take a raptor, but they caught him.
The best bit, though, was the atmosphere. These two are genuine friends, and it's amazing to see them together. It's like watching two old friends catch up.

This was taken from my iPhone, so it's pretty bad quality. 
Tahmoh is the one in the hat, The other is Katee

Peter Williams talk was very entertaining. I was a bit worried about all of the Stargate questions, but he took them all in stride. He talked for a bit about the asteroid Apophis and when that will be heading to Earth, and funnily enough he seems quite happy about it. But then again if you had an asteroid named after a villain that you played, you would be pretty excited and pleased with yourself, too.

I also had a photo with Tahmoh on Saturday, and this was great. It was over quite quickly, and I was so nervous I didn't really say anything special to him. I asked him for a hug and he opened his arms wide and said "get on in here". He kept his smile on his face the entire time, I think because it would have been too hard to swap between normal smile and photo smile.

The most annoying thing about Day Two was the crowd. T here were just so many people; someone said about 30,000 but I'd wager there would be more around 45,000 in total. It was incredibly busy and quite suffocating at times, but it was really awesome to see so many people come out and join in the Supa fun.

So that's it for Day One and Day Two of Supanova 2011. I'll put up Day Three soon.

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