Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everything I Learnt About Life I Learnt From TV

Part three: Babies

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This is a topic that scares most men and some women. They’re small, they require a lot of attention, and most of the time they smell. But regardless, a lot of people are having them.
According to the world’s most trusted resource for information, TV, while the women are pregnant, the men are having a freak out. As it turns out, having a human being growing in your womb has an effect on you. Who’d have thought?
Not men, apparently, who time and time and time and time again, never realise that their partner is going to be different. My question is, how? How could any person old enough to make a baby not realise that carrying one can cause you to act differently? When I was watching an old episode of 7th Heaven, I was stunned at how a grown man - an Ob nonetheless – was so stunned at how his pregnant wife become so hormonal over the smallest things. If you’ve never seen a pregnant woman, they’re on the television so much that you would have had to have seen one at some point in your history.

It’s not just the ones carrying the baby who feel the hormones, though. Cam from Modern Family felt the pregnancy panic before baby Lilly was even in his arms.

So feel free to share any moments where you or your partner had a major freak out during pregnancy. You can post anonymously so they don’t find out :).


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