Saturday, February 19, 2011

Everything I Learnt About Relationships I Learnt From TV

Part One, Work

Work relationships are no laughing matter, unless you’re living in a sitcom. If you’re lucky then you’ll have a job that you can tolerate coming too every weekday and get a reasonable pay out of it. If you’re super lucky, you’ll like the job and get the pay. If you’re unlucky, then you’ll either hate the job and get the big bucks, or love the job and get paid diddly squat. Some jobs naturally fall into the latter category, like being a lawyer for the down trodden or a doctor at a hospital.
But the one thing that is clear about all jobs is to tell truth. This can be a sticky situation, if you’re work resembles that of most sitcoms. If you don’t like the boss’s wife but keep being invited around to their place, then you will be in the bad books if you call her a bitch to the boss’s face, but coming up with an extravagant lie about why you can’t be there can blow up in your face, too. I’ve seen it in some shows where the characters make up a fatal illness so they can get out of dinner. This can backfire, ‘cause everyone will get worried and nosey.
If you want to get out of a dinner, use your family as an excuse. Wife, husband, same sex partner, children, mother, father, use any of them! After all, that’s what family is for. Tell your boss that you’re spending the night taking your wife out to a romantic dinner, or treating your partner to a show that they like. If you want, you can even make it happen.
Don’t put too many details into the lie, and don’t lie more to cover your tracks. If the boss suggests a double date, wink and say it’s a “private affair”. If he or she thinks you can both take your kids out, complain that the younglings don’t understand why you have to work so much, and they’ll think that it’s really a business thing rather than a parent-child thing.
If you’re going for a job interview or something goes wrong, be honest. But if you need to lie, use the KISS method: Keep It Simple Silly.

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