Thursday, February 3, 2011

Car Stickers

When he first started blogging, blogger Zeppy made a post about those annoying ‘My Family’ stickers on the backs of cars (post found HERE). I agree with his statement, that those stickers are stupid, distracting, and rage inducing.
However, I think I can go a bit further with my annoyance.
See, I don’t get those ‘baby on board’ stickers, either. Why are you announcing to the world that there is a baby in the car? Do you think it will make people around you drive safer? I would think that reckless drivers are going too fast to see a baby on board sign anyway, let alone slow down because there’s a kid in the vicinity.
Actually, having a sign that says you have a child on board is more dangerous than not. If a thief wants to take your car, they will take one with a baby in it, as a hostage that won’t fight back. This has happened countless times around the world by accident, but there’s no doubt that some people will target these cars to make sure they’re not hurt.
The same goes for those ‘my family’ stickers. I understand family pride, and it is pretty good I guess to introduce children to the different concepts of families, but it’s not just children who want or use them! I’ve seen some on the back of cars where it’s just two or so adults and their pets, and that’s it! Why would an adult want to put a sticker on their car that isn’t a parking permit?
Why not put those stickers on your child’s school bag or lunch box, and leave the road for serious things, like funny bumper stickers??

If you have another opinion on my family stickers or car thieves, comment below.



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