Sunday, February 6, 2011

Everything I Learnt About Crime I Learnt From TV

Part One, Hostages And Car Chases

Crime doesn’t pay.
But, if you’re gonna go ahead and break the law anyone, learn from the mistakes of the many TV and movie criminals; don’t take hostages.
No matter which way you look at it, as soon as it becomes a hostage negotiation, your time is up. There is no way to win this. Put the guns down and raise your hands above your head.
Cops will never negotiate a free pass with anyone! They won’t let you get away scot free, cash in hand. You might, might, be able to reduce your sentence, if you’re lucky, and if you wait around till the TV crew gets there.
But then again, TV journalism can get manipulated, and you’ll always end up being the bad guy if you kill a hostage. The best thing to do is to cut your losses, hope for a lenient judge, and try again later.
Car chases, too, are a really bad idea. Unless you’re driving close to a border to a place that won’t extradite you, there’s no way out.
How will you get away? Can’t outdrive them, they’ll be following you with cameras in helicopters. If you have a full tank of petrol that’s great, but you’ll have to refuel at some point, considering the car will last that long.
Not to get into a political debate or anything, but there’s some people who disagree with car chases. They believe that the police should let the criminals do whatever they want without any repercussions. I’m of the opinion that the police should be able to do whatever they can to catch criminals. Remember, it’s the police who have superior driving training (including offensive driving), not the criminal
If you have an opinion on car chases, or you know a great way to get out of a hostage situation, comment below (it's okay, you can do it anonyously)



  1. I agree, but I think the American police can still cross the border into Mexico, just not bounty hunters, to catch the criminals. So even if you cross the border, you're still gonna be arrested. =)

  2. That sounds right Shelly. Does anyone know about European laws?

  3. The interesting thing about car chases, is that after a speed limit the priority goes to protecting life rather than the apprehension of the criminal. Accidents happen, to police officers, but also criminals who are getting freaked out that they are being chased and go faster and make more and more reckless decisions while driving!

    Policing is more about getting their man, it is about serving society and protecting the community.

    If you have to get OUT of a car chase, the best way is to go underground to some large underground tunnel or highway with many multiple exists. Not just car exists, but individual ones as well. The more the merrier as if no one has a accurate physical description it will make it that much harder for the police to catch their man or woman.

  4. That's true Gavin, and it should be the main goal of the police to protect life. But the police shouldn't just let crimals go because they're driving too fast. This gives the impression that thieves, rapists, murders, etc can get away with anything as long as they're going fast enough. If a person is speeding and they lose control of their vehicle, it should be the fault of the police; the crim shouldn't have committed the crime in the first place, let alone ran.