Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm away for a day and so much Once Upon A Time news comes out

I had 32 e-mails in one account and two in another, 300 new FaceBook updates and countless Tweets and I was only away from the Internet for 24 hours! Holy Hannah peeps!

If I can I'll let you know where I was, but for now let's check in with Once Upon a Time. First up, Ginny! Oh much love for Ginnifer Goodwin. She seems like such an adorable, bubbly, smart person. I would love to have a cuppa with her (and Ginny you can totally come over to my place, I'm working on frothing the milk I swear).
She is a cover girl this month on the wonderful BackStage magazine, as well as having a great interview inside. I mean great interview too; I hate when the interviewer has no idea what's going on. This person asked some great questions.

Interview lies beyond the link

Jennifer Morrison is also making the rounds:
And here

Last but not least, Once Upon a Time as a whole. Ad Age has found that Once Upon a Time is the most anticipated new show despite airing up to a month behind other shows. Well done to Once and to fans!

If you've found anything else about Once let me know.


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