Friday, September 30, 2011

iPads in school: an example of working harder or smarter?

We all know the saying 'work smarter not harder'  and it might be that doing your school work on an iPad is the perfect example of this. I have been doing a lot of reading about apple and mac and all that for work, and today I came across a really interesting article about a number of schools all around America who are getting iPads rather than text books.
Now, I want to be a writer and I know that I need an agent and a publishing house to get a book made but many people are saying that publishers of physical books won't exist in the future. I for one don't believe it, but if high schools move towards digital books then many companies will loose a lot of their business.
Also, I have a theory that the alphabet won't be taught as A B C D in the future, but Q W E R T Y because children will only see the keyboard and it won't make sense to them to learn the letters any other way. I know that the way that the alphabet is taught has a rhyme to it and is easier for children to recite but if they will be using a keyboard instead of writing then they will be seeing the qwerty layout more often.
One of the main arguments for iPads in school is the up to date texts and the vast number of educational apps, but many people are saying that the iPad will just give children more opportunity to procrastinate and more access to sites that promote cyber-bullying.
It's still early days but it seems that tablet PCs in school will be here to stay. I for one like that I was taught how to handwrite despite the fact that my writing is really bad and, if I don't pay absolute attention to every letter that I type, I will jumble the letters around. It happens when I type too but typing has auto correct :P.

What does everyone else think about iPads in school? Do you think that it's the way of the future, or are you upset that you didn't get to use one in school? Are you using one in school, maybe you're reading this on your iPad? I want to know ha ha.


Link: the aritcle that I read about iPads in American schools.

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