Sunday, May 29, 2011

TV time: Doctor Who, The Rebel Flesh

I have a lot of questions about this episode, and not a lot of them have to do with the actual episode but with what the episode didn't tell us. It's a good thing it's a two=parter, then, because there is a lot that needs to be answered. But enough about that the episode didn't do (although there will be more on that later), now let's focus on what it did do.
Well, it showed us what may be the birthplace of the autons! When I saw the ads for the first time I was half convinced, and seeing the Doctor all secretive almost nailed it for me. He knows how this is going to go down; they will 'grow up' to be his enemies over many many years, of course he will want to help things go differently but he knows that he can't change things. The last time he did that, things ended horribly, but now...
If they are the original autons this will be cool, new Who going back this far in the franchise.
Eye patch lady back again, good for her!
The Doctor was good in this ep, and the supporting cast was alright, but they really didn't grab my attention (save for Marshall Lancaster, but I'm a huge Life on Mars fan). They weren't very fleshed out (pun well and truly intended) and I think this plays down the whole Rory saving the day aspect, because I don't care enough about Jennifer to want Rory to risk his life for hers. Of course, if they mentioned the fact that Rory too is plastic, then it would make sense. We all know he is made of plastic, and I guess the only reason he's not telling everyone else is because they'll start asking questions, but enough is enough. It's time for Rory to acknowledge who/what he is. He had the perfect moment towards the end when he ran off after Jennifer and Amy didn't understand why he cared so much.

The Doc is still concerned about Amy's baby, will we be seeing this every ep of the season? We know that Amy is preggers so do we need the constant reminder?

So what did everyone else think? Are these the first incarnations of the autons, come to haunt the doctors life? Will Rory come clean to the gangers about who he is? Not that many questions when they're written in a row, but they're the one's pressing on my mind.


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