Sunday, May 15, 2011

TV time: Doctor Who, Curse of the Black Spot

This episode of Doctor Who was supposed to be just a lark in space, but it ended up asking more questions on the back of its two predecessors: who is the eye patch lady? Are these pirates the sea the same from The Coming of the Terraphiles? Why did Amy only give Rory five seconds of CPR?
The eye patch lady, I have no idea. I have heard a rumour that she will be Amy’s future midwife, but questions about her pregnancy still remain. I know that time is wibbly wobbly, but she just keeps popping up out of nowhere, and she keeps making up wholes. I like the idea that she’s the midwife, but she’s either very good or very bad at her job.
I like the idea that these spirates (space pirates) are the same as in The Coming of the Terraphiles, because it shows that there is a future/past to the show. This is something that, I feel, could only happen in a Moffet episode. RTD is good, but is he really that good? Put it in the comments.
Lastly, why did Amy give up on Rory’s CPR so quickly? Maybe they were trying to imply that she had been going at it for hours, but it looked like she just gave up after one minute of pushing and breathing. I know Rory didn’t tell her for how long she should do it, but since she is in love with him I thought she would be going until she was pulled off of him. Not five seconds then “I’m tired”. He had to revive himself. I love Rory.
In case you’re wondering, there are only very few reasons why one should give up on CPR: because the person has revived (duh), because a doctor or two nurses have told you that the person is beyond reviving (none of them available), and because it is unsafe to you to keep it going (Amy was safe in the TARDIS and she hadn’t been going for that long). So really, why did Amy give up on Rory so quickly? Does she really love the doctor, and this was just her way of getting rid of Rory without feeling the guilt?
Do you agree that Amy’s CPR was too short? Do you think that she loves Rory above all else? Add it in the comments!


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