Sunday, May 8, 2011

TV time: Doctor Who, Day of the Moon

This episode left more questions than answers in its wake, but seeing as Steven Moffat is in charge I can see that we will be scratching our heads this entire season, maybe longer.
I really loved this episode; the pace was great and so exiting. The beginning had to be a hoax or trick or something, but it was still scary seeing Rory or Amy being gunned down. Keeping track of Silence sighting was a great idea. I can’t imagine how many people are now drawing lines on their sleeping partner/lover/sibling to scare the shit out of them.
River diving into the pool was great: I love the relationship between her and the Doctor. That she trusted that he would be there for her no matter what. Plus it’s great to see the pool again even if we didn’t actually see it.
As usual, Mark A Sheppard was great. If anything he as even better on this episode which is saying something because he was great in the first one. I love the camera phone line, and his smirk at the time was incredible.
Rory was, again, quite extraordinary. Arthur is a really great actor and he should be commended. Comic timing-great. Emotions-great.
It was quite smart how they defeated the Silence... well, not defeated because I’m sure that they will be coming back. But it was really smart.
The changing pregnancy scan results were spooky. I wonder
As for the ending well.... WOW that was incredible, I didn’t see that coming. Like I said at the beginning of this post, so many more questions than answer, but it was still an awesome episode.
What did everyone else think? What’s up with Amy’s baby, and whose is it? Is Rory her true love, the man with the “stupid face”? Let me know what you think in the comments.


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