Friday, March 30, 2012

My top couples who aren't couples

I don't know when, where, or why this thought came to me, but it happened and I wanted to share it with all of you. This is about my top couples who aren't couples. These are people who are so great together but they aren't together in a romantic or sexual way. I guess another way to put it would be examples of great friends. But that doesn't seem to do these people enough justice.

Alex Day and Charlie McDonnell

screen cap from one of their YouTube videos, capped by me
Despite how many times they have told people, neither of these men are gay, but it really doesn't matter. When you watch their videos you can see their affection for each other. They always joke around with each other, but they also help and encourage each other with their own musical pursuits. I would imaging it would be hard being friends with someone who is pursuing the same creative field as you. Art is hard enough without adding the pressure of success, and being friends with someone who could potentially be your competition (in terms of sales, etc) has to have it's hard points. Yet these two always seem to have each others back and are always keen to help. Plus, they're just great fun to watch, either singularly or as a duo.
Charlie's YouTube site:

Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies

Of course, being co-hosts of a breakfast television show you'd have to think that these two have great chemistry—otherwise the show wouldn't work. But Larry and Kylie have such a great friendship that I'm sure the producers never saw them coming. Larry has been in the TV business long enough to know a good thing when it comes around, the The Morning Show is a GREAT thing. This 2.5 hour show gives him the excuse to have fun, eat, and joke around. Oh, and occasionally he may read what's actually on the Teleprompter. My guess is that Kylie was chosen to be the voice of reason between the two. Coming from a background in news journalism, it seems that the producers thought she would be a mature, calming influence on the ex-game show host. They were wrong.
Nine times out of ten Kylie is egging Larry on, and when she says 'no' or tells him to stop, it just makes him to harder... oops, I mean it just spurs him on more. They laugh, they joke, they share stories, they congratulate and mock each other. They're just great fun to watch.
The Morning Show airs channel 7 9am-11:30am Monday to Friday. Website:

Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day

Ah yes, geeks in love. But like I said, this post isn't about romantic couples. By watching anything involving Wil and Felecia (like Eureka or The Guild for example) you can see that they have real love and respect for each other. Their friendship is the stuff of dreams, two geeky people who have found camaraderie with one another. If you follow them on twitter you'll see them both mocking and congratulating each other. These two are so cute together, it's so adorable (or adorkable?)
Wil on twitter: @wilw
Felicia on twitter: @feliciaday

Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne

While I've been going out of my way on this post to remind you that these people aren't really couples, Amanda and Robin love nothing else but to make people think that they are together. When they go out together for dinner or on a flight they pretend to be Mandy and Rob Bickerson, a married couple who fight all the time. In their scenarios "Rob" is a big drinker who made a fool of himself at "Mandy's" mother's birthday party, and Mandy is a constant nag and cryer. According to Robin, sometimes this act goes too far and the people on set want them to stop. The act is also so real that strangers will often come up to Amanda and tell her that she's too good for Robin!
It takes real friendship and a heck of a lot of trust to act this way with another person, let alone a person of the opposite sex, but friendship and trust is what these two have in spades.
A great video that shows the relationship between these two:

So what does everyone else think? Do you like my choices? Have I missed a couple? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Mandy and Rob Bickerson FTW!!!! =D

    1. Thanks Anonymous! I was fortunate enough to see them at a convention last year where they performed 'the Bickersons' and they do it so well it does get awkward! But I guess this shows you that they are great actors.