Tuesday, June 28, 2011

With great pay rise comes great responsibility

...Only it wasn't so much a 'great' pay rise, basically it will cover the exchange rate differences, but it's the principal of the matter, ya know? Anyhow, with more work I haven't had a lot of time to blog but I have ideas for future blogs, starting with a new series I wanna call 'news of the day'.

Do any of you still use MSN or Windows Live Messenger as it is so ridiculously called now? Anyhow, when you log into the messenger section a small window called 'today' pops up with news headlines, horoscopes, and ads. There's the choice to view news-news or gossip-news, and mine is always set to news-news. Except you wouldn't think that with the headlines they give me. Here are the most recent headlines that WLM think is news worthy:

Okay so headline one and three are news, but is the fact that Lara Bingle got 'booted' from Dancing with the Stars? Or Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz's marriage? This is newsworthy to the Craig and Weisz families respectively, but not to us.
Again, some interesting headlines, except why is what happens on MasterChef headline-making news? And more Charlie Sheen? I think we had seen enough of him.

If you've seen any 'news' headlines that make you wanna laugh or strangle somebody let me know or put a link in the comments. Till next time,


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