Sunday, June 5, 2011

TV time: Doctor Who, The Almost People

I"m not gonna lie, this blog is gonna be quite short because most of the exciting stuff happened at the very end of the episode.

I did like this one, it was written quite well. Two doctors was pretty awesome, and Matt Smith really showed his acting chops on this one. I did love the scene where he attacks Amy, especially when you find out that that was the 'real' Doctor.

But the ending, though, oh my that was good. I love how the flesh melts, and it was quite odd seeing Amy 'die' the same way, not to mention the Doctor even if it was just the back of his head. I love the question of how long Amy was a ganger. Doctor said it was for a long time and it appears that way because of the pregnancy, but could it have been before the America episodes? I mean, okay yes it could have been, but would the ganger have the same reaction to the Silence? Amy was controlling it but she would have been quite far away, so could the Silence effect her like that?

No mention of plastic Rory, but he was still very awesome. Hopefully he will have more awesome moments next week while he and Doctor are looking for Amy. Personally, I hope they don't find her too soon, so Rory and the Doctor an get more time together. I love their relationship and I really want to see more of it.

So what did ya'll think? For how long do you think we've been following ganger Amy? Did you like two Doctors (they are better than one) or did you find it on the nose especially with the similarity between the scene with the two ten's last year and two elevens this year -- both of them behind a large desk bobbing up and down fixing things? Do you think they will find Amy next week? Answer in the comments.


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