Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do we want more Firefly?

Today Nathan Fillion, star of Firefly, Castle, and Doctor Horrible's Sing-along Blog, posted a link to this site on his Twitter page. If you can't be bothered to read the whole thing, the article basically says that with the popularity of Firefly on Netflix the cancelled TV series could be back on our screens (or monitors) sooner rather than later. 
Now, I'm a huuuuuge Firefly and Serenity fan but I'm not sure if I want it back. Before you start throwing the tomatoes, here me out:
Yes, Firefly only got 13 episodes in total and some of these weren't even aired the first time around, but all of those 13 were gold. There was not one really hideously bad episode in the bunch. I wouldn't skip any of them during a rewatch and I will gladly sit down and watch any one of them at any time. 
Thirteen episodes also means that there wasn't enough time for any of the characters to annoy me. Sure Wash is my favourite, but I don't particularly hate any character or fast forward past their scenes when they come on. 
And while I want answers to things, the short run means that there wasn't enough time for the writers to come up with lame excuses for things. We as fans get to decide why characters act in a certain way and create our own back stories for them. I have my own ideas about Jayne's childhood that I don't want to see ruined with an episode that shows something completely different. My ideas might not be cannon to Joss Whedon but I love them so they are real to me. 
And finally, 13 means that we are bonded by something; the fight for the movie. Every one of us Serenity and Firefly fans played a part in the revival. We all worked together by buying the DVDs or encouraging others to buy them, by putting up flyers, and by seeing the movie multiple times on the big screen (three for me). We did this. Maybe you did this to bring it back on the TV but I did it because I love it. 
I know that the cast and crew would jump at the chance to act in the second season of Firefly and I would watch it in a heartbeat, but I'm not sure if I want it to happen or that I would even be happy with the outcome. 
So what do you all think? Am I getting worried over nothing? Let me know in the comments. 
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  1. I think a part of a series is having a few bad episodes. I would love to have the roller coaster of emotion than nothing at all. I agree that the episodes we have are gold. However, I am still left with wanting more! I think it is time to start it again!