Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top Female Characters on TV #5

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 I can't believe how long it's been since I've added one of these! I bet you're all going crazy wondering who my top 5 are (or no one is actually reading my blog because no one comments). But anyway I'm going to continue with my list here with the Awesome Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) from Grey's Anatomy.
I don’t like a lot of people to know that I watch Grey’s Anatomy, mostly because the storylines aren’t as in depth or thought provoking as the other series that I watch, but watch it I do, and mostly for Christina. Christina is my favourite character and the main reason why I watch the show. Her character growth every season always amazes me, yet it never seems fake. As much as she’s grown and changed, she is still true to her core self. There are things about her that she will never change for anybody no matter how much they try to make her.
Like every other character on my list, she is strong (are you sensing a pattern here?), but there are times when she has changed for the better. For her love of Burke Christina agreed to a big ridiculous wedding that she never wanted. She lied for him and put her own career on the line for him earlier on in the series, but it was the wedding that really displayed her affection for him. To make matters worse, Burke didn’t realise how much she had changed for him until the last moment, and then decided to leave. Not good for someone who already had difficulties with emotion. Nonetheless, in the later seasons Christina has met and married Owen, who seems to have the unique ability to see through her crap and know when she’s putting up a front and when she’s being honest. I can’t wait to see what they do with her next.
Christina Yang got six votes on my Favourite Female Character on TV poll on FaceBook.  
Does anyone else like Christina? Should she be lower or higher on my list?

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  1. It's your list Kathy so put down who you think. I get what you said in regards to the character now I've seen the show. She wouldn't be on my top 5, I wouldn't know where to begin...??? Keep the blogs coming. See ya Kelli :)

  2. Thanks Kelli I'm trying to find the time but I'm glad you're enjoying my posts :)