Sunday, March 13, 2011

Smartest creatures on the globe

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately; are humans the smartest creatures on this planet? We’ve been told that dolphins are incredibly smart, the same with polar bears. We like to think that we’re smarter than these creatures, because look at what we’ve done!!! We have science, we have tall buildings, and we have fast cars. Do the animals have these? No. Dolphin’s live in the sea, not in giant underwater castles, and polar bears in the snow, not in giant snow castles. We created art and pretty things.
But are we smarter, I’m not so sure.
Because see, while we were building homes and offices and cars, we had to use wood and steel and oil; things that we only have a finite amount of. And when we made the labs to find the science that told us this, we didn’t stop, we just kept going.
How smart was it, to create a car when the only way to power it was to use oil? How smart was it to make a lot of cars that released carbon dioxide into the air? Or even going back further, was it really such a genius idea to capture and train wild horses so we could be pulled along in a cart?
Maybe the polar bears and the dolphins already had these ideas, but they didn’t wanna fuck up the planet? Maybe they’re sitting or swimming around waiting to come up with a way to build epic castles and cars that won’t damage the planet. They might have figured this was impossible, so they’ve given up. And we’re still going, using CO2 spewing tractors to cut down every tree to build an office so we can use electricity to find out we’re too late. 
What does everybody else think? Which creatures are the smartest, let me know.

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  1. I think the smartest creatures are probably Koalas. Hear me out..... They sleep for more than 80% of the day and the rest of the time they are pretty much high from the eucalyptus leaves. Us humans think how cute they are and want to be in a photo with them. How awesome is their life! A part from the Chlamydia.