Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Movie Time! The Matrix Series: I'm not done with it yet

Not entirely Matrix related, but a couple of funny things I thought of about living in the ‘real world’, outside of the matrix.

In my review or Matrix: Revolutions, I mentioned how awkward it would have been to call everyone by their odd hacker names. MasterBator, JohnnyLovesKate4Eva, SexCGal2468, it would get annoying having to call out to these people in person. But would it be more awkward running into somebody you know from the Matrix in the real world?

Let’s face it, computer lovers (nerds, geeks, whatever) all tend to hang around together, talking about their latest gadget purchase, the newest update in a game, or the latest software they purchased/made. It would stand to reason that hackers, too, would have friends, would have lives. Imagine how awkward this scenario would have been for our fearless leader:

“Tommy? Tommy Anderson, is that you?”
“Chip Matthews? What are you doing here?”
“Ah yeah, you know. Found that real life was a life so they brought me here. You?”
“Same thing, yeah.”
“Wow, I haven’t seen you since tenth grade computer camp, when I kicked your ass at football and at Mario Kart. What’ve you been up to?”
“Ah you know. College, got a job at a software company, found out that life is lie, and then become The One, so...”
“Oh wow, you’re Neo? I thought you’d still be using your old alias; EmoHackerNeedsLove.”
“Erm, no. You?”
“Still HackerNumber1.”
*awkward silence*

Yeah, feel the tension. Especially since, in my mind, HackerNumber1 is a head taller than Neo and twice his width. Trinity must have a past, too. An old boyfriend, perhaps? Who knew her when she was just plain ol’ Suzy Marsh from across the street, went by the name of RainbowUnicorn online? Coz Trinity seems like a RainbowUnicorn kind of girl to me.

Are there any online names that make sense as online names but would be awkward/hilarious to call out in a crowded Zion marketplace? Or have you had any awkward encounters with people you’ve only known online? Let me know below.


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