Saturday, January 29, 2011


Yes, most blogs start off this way, the obligatory introduction. For the majority of blogs out there, this is also the last post, or are usually followed by post after post of “I just can’t think of what to write”.
Boring stuff, but that’s not gonna happen here. I have ideas, funny ideas, sad ideas, scary ideas, but ideas nonetheless, and they will be posted here. Maybe not everyday, but pretty damn often.

The cliff notes version of myself is that I’m a young uni student who loves to write. I’ll write about anything, so long as it interests me (and even if it doesn’t if the pay is right). One thing that interests me greatly, is Television. I’m a TV nut, so a lot of the stuff that will be here will be TV related. Not just reviews and recaps, but also in depth looks at the characters and how you can learn from their mistakes, turning a “oh no she di’nt” situation into “no, i did not”. These sections will be called “Everything I Learnt I Learnt From TV” because, mostly, life doesn’t teach you the harsh lessons that TV does.

So sit back and enjoy, and please comment. If you think what I’m writing is bad or false, then the only way I’ll learn is to be told. But no flamers, you’ll be weeded out :)


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